Mad Vision.

Mad Vision Group, established in 2018 as a humble franchisee, has rapidly evolved into a frontrunner in the development of foodservice brands. With an impressive portfolio of thriving restaurants, we have witnessed a remarkable 700% increase in revenue since our inception.

Our Company

Since our beginnings in 2018 as a simple franchisee, our company has fastly became a leader in foodservice brands development. With an impressive 700% increase in revenue since our inception, our ambition now goes beyond our current achievements. While we have already achieved this position of prominence in the Benelux, France and Morocco, our vision extends to expanding our presence all over Europe. We are determined to become the first non-tech unicorn in our industry.

25 Units

In the Benelux, France and Morocco

600k meals

Served last year


Full-time employee

In 2018 we changed the game

2018Purchased first ever Belgium O’Tacos from previous owner in Schaerbeek and gained exclusivity on the zone
2019An opening in Anderlecht (Cora) and opening O'Tacos in St. Guidon
2020Opening of 2 O'Tacos and one GoFish store in Brussels.
2021Acquired the Master Franchise for the BeNeLux for Chick&Cheez and 3 opening of O'Tacos
2022Acquired the Master Franchise for the BeNeLux for Gong cha and opening 5 Chick&Cheez and 10 Gong cha in Belgium
2023Acquired the Master Franchise for Gong cha in France and opening of the first Gong cha in Paris

Mad Vision Group

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